International Facility Management

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The regular application deadline (1 May) for new students will be extended to 1 June.

Worum geht's im Studium

Are you a real go-getter with people and management skills? Would you like to create an environment that is good for customers and employees? Facility Management might be for you!

We spend a large part of our lives in public areas. Think of shopping centers, schools and the companies we work for. A facility manager ensures that the facilities in these spaces meet all requirements so customers feel comfortable and employees productive. As a facility manager you are an inspiring leader and a sparring partner on a strategic level.

Studying International Facility Management

Year 1 - Propaedeutic phase

The two first year modules are offered on alternating basis.

Knowing the fundamentals of Facility Operations. This module is an introduction to Operations Management and Management Information Systems in facility management organizations, in combination with practical training in the in-house training company Sibelicious. You will work in several outlets such as catering, service desk, store room, restaurant and kitchen. You organize, cater for, manage and provide service to real customers, who come in daily for lunch, dinner, a meeting or a congress. Next to that, you learn the basic principles of emergency response.

Understanding the Facility Management Industry. You will learn how to deal with the basics of Finance, Economics, Marketing, Business Law & Ethics and Investigative Abilities in relation to the facility management industry.

Competencies learned in these modules are brought together at the end of the year in a final project. In a small group of students you will make a prototype or renewal of a facility environment.

Year 2 & Year 3 - Main phase I

Year 2 and 3 consist of a total of 3 modules, the second and the third of which are offered on alternating basis.

Developing People and Organisations: Take a close look at behavioral aspects of working with people in organisations. (Courses: Oganisational behaviour, Business Law & Ethics, Investigative Abilities and Economics)

Managing Business Performance and Innovation: Learn how to deal with customer relations, service marketing and pricing strategies. (Courses: Accounting, Operations Management, Management Information Systems and Marketing)

Exploring the International Facility Industry: In this 5 month practical placement you will experience living and working in a real life, cross cultural facility environment abroad. 

Year 3 - Main phase II

Creating Excellence in Facility Management. The main focus of this module is strategic management. It examines the corporate strategic possibilities of organisations and encourages you to integrate, at a strategic level, what you have learned in previous courses, based on investigative abilities. 

Year 4 - Graduation phase

You choose a personalised context in which you will perform your bachelor’s thesis and have the possibility to complete a personalised curriculum component (e.g. a minor, work placement, advisory report, business plan). Under the supervision of a personal coach, you will work on your final thesis, which you will defend at the end of the year.

After Study

Get a job

As a facility manager you organise and manage the supporting department of an organisation. You direct the facility department and you are responsible for the possible outsourcing of work (for example catering services). The facility manager holds a key position in the organisation and in an innovatory manner he takes care that all facilities are in order.

Career examples

Today’s facility manager is transforming more and more into a strategic advisor to corporate management; he/she monitors the beating heart of an organisation. Our graduates work across the entire spectrum of the facility management industry at, for instance:

  • multinationals
  • airports
  • hospitals
  • event planning agencies
  • catering, cleaning and security organisations
  • real estate owners

After graduating you often start your career in an assistant position and over time, you work your way up to (senior) management positions in the facility branch.

In HBO Monitor 2018 (an independent guide containing a systematic quality comparison of study programmes in higher education) you can find an indication of the labour market prospects for recent graduates (average starter salary and percentage of unemployed among recent graduates). For the International Facility Management programme, the starter salary of recent graduates amounts to €13,95 an hour before tax. A year and a half after graduation, approximately 100% of the graduates have found a job of which 78% on a Bachelor’s level.

British Institute of Facilities Management

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has recognised Breda University of Applied Sciences as a BIFM centre, the first one in mainland Europe. Upon completion of your studies, you will have the opportunity of becoming a BIFM member and receive the Level 5 diploma in Facilities Management. This diploma will make you stand out further in the international employment market.

Obtain a Master´s Degree

To broaden your horizon and get to know more about possibilities and crossovers you can make with facility management, you can choose a one-year master’s programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences after your bachelor’s programme in International Facility Management:

  • Master in Imagineering
  • Master in Media Innovation



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