Biomedical Sciences

2 Jahre
  • a bachelor's degree issued by a university in a relevant domain
  • a bachelor's degree issued by a University of Applied Sciences in a relevant domain. For these students additional requirements may apply.
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From molecule to gene, to cell and organ, to individuals and entire populations: in this programme you explore the relationship between human beings and their environment at the molecular level.

What causes disease? How can we prevent it? And if disease is present, how can we treat it? This programme focuses on state of the art methodology and the skills that enable researchers to unravel the molecular mechanisms in health and disease. Your choice of senior research project (year 2) and laboratory reflects your choice of the five BMS specialisations:

1. Clinical Molecular Sciences focusing on the genetic, epigenetic, metabolic and environmental causes underlying the disease process.
2. Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine providing in-depth research training in the cardiovascular system and related diseases.
3. Neuroscience providing in-depth research into the molecular mechanisms underlying psychological, psychiatric and neurological disorders.
3. Nutrition and Metabolism emphasising biomedical research and the relationship between diet and metabolism.
4. Oncology and Developmental Biology focusing on unravelling the mysteries of cancer and human development.

This is a two-year programme taught in English.

Here you can download the brochure of the study program.

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