Work, Health and Career

1 Jahr
A bachelor's degree issued by a University or a University of Applied Sciences in a relevant domain.
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This programme focuses on health and wellbeing throughout employees' entire careers. You look not just at problems but also at wellbeing, engagement and productivity.

'Sustainable work' has shot to the top of the agenda in recent years. Governments and companies need employees to remain healthy and productive throughout their working lives. So how do we make it happen? Matching individuals to jobs, balancing work and family lives, maintaining our functional capacities over the years. There is a real need – and a job market – for experts on contemporary problems like these. How can we ensure that people enjoy their work? That they are challenged, but not over-burdened? That they can develop both personally and professionally? That the workplace is a positive environment? In this programme, you learn what you can do to promote all these things. You focus in a very practical sense on an organisational or company setting, making policies and recommendations for the health, wellbeing and productivity of individual employees, and for the company as a whole. Your solutions are not just behavioural, but also organisational, technical, or a combination of them all. Thus, you gain a multidisciplinary education but also highly practical training.

This programme is a fullt-time or part-time programme taught in English.

Here you can download the brochure of the study program.

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